Pressure Cleaning

Pressure Cleaning Sunshine Coast Clean!

Pressure Cleaning Sunshine CoastDo you have grubby walkways and dirty concrete? Does your driveway or garden path look like it needs a good scrub?  If so, you may be looking for someone you can trust to handle your pressure cleaning tasks. Crystal Clear Commercial Cleaning is the company for you! Crystal Clear Commercial Cleaning takes care of pressure cleaning Sunshine Coast from as far north as Maroochydore to as far south as Kawana and Caloundra.  Many of our regular clients are located in Maleny and so we spend a good deal of time cleaning there.

We are a reliable and professional company who can be trusted with your cleaning needs.  Think of us when you require commercial and domestic cleaning jobs. Our mission is to leave your home, commercial property or business looking brand new. Pressure cleaning is the perfect way to get that brand-new feel without the extensive repair jobs or heavy chemical use!


What is pressure cleaning?

Pressure cleaning is the use of a high or low-pressure water to remove caked on dirt stains, loose paint, dust, mud and other tough-to-clean marks. This style of cleaning is often necessary for stains that have built up over a long period of time, or large stains that are difficult to remove with your own cleaning methods.

Pressure cleaning is a great method to remove any heavily compacted or compressed mould or grime.  Typically the type of build up that is not easily removed by hand. It is also perfect for those who simply want to make their roof, driveways, walls, and house or shed look brand new without renovations including replacing the floors or walls, which can end up costing a fortune.

What are the benefits of hiring us to pressure clean your property?

Pressure cleaning has the ability to make a significant difference to the way your property looks and feels. It has the ability to give your property a greater ‘street appeal’.  Improved street appeal can even add value to your property or business. This method of cleaning can also save money in the long run. It can be used to spruce up any property without having to make any permanent changes or repairs. Whether you are looking to increase your property value or make your Sunshine Coast business look and feel new again, we can help!   Pressure cleaning Sunshine Coast properties is an area we specialise in.  We get a great deal of enjoyment from seeing a client’s face when they first see their ‘like new’ surfaces!

Why use Crystal Clear Commercial Cleaning for your pressure cleaning?

When you choose us, you will be working with a team of qualified and experienced people specifically skilled in these types of cleaning jobs. Pressure cleaning often requires the use of a high-pressure hose and other equipment.  So it’s important to use a company like ours who are reliable and trained to the highest of standards so that you know your property and the people undertaking the job are safe.

Crystal Clear Commercial Cleaning is passionate about providing you with the best outcome. We see our job as leaving you with a clean property you can be proud of.  We also use only the best equipment available, which means you will be getting the best of the best.

Another benefit to using Crystal Clear Commercial Cleaning is that we use only the best products.  The best products, yet still safe to both the environment and the people using it. It’s true – with us it is possible to enjoy a beautifully cleaned property, without any nasty chemicals!

Some of the pressure-cleaning jobs we do include:

  • Driveway cleaning on the sunshine coast, including concrete and stone (we can work with almost any driveway style)
  • Walls (we are very particular about the style of wash we use depending on the walls surface. So you can relax knowing that your walls are being treated gently and with respect)
  • Paths (different path materials require different levels of pressure. Our trained staff will use the proper levels to make sure your path is clean, without any damage to the surface)
  • Sheds (our team will assess the shed’s materials and choose the proper setting so that there no dinting on the shed)
  • Roofs (includes removing of mould and grime, as well as taking proper after care and making sure the roof is rinsed properly with no product residue, which is an important step to a thorough clean)

If you have a property that could benefit from pressure cleaning, Crystal Clear Commercial Cleaning can achieve the highest quality result for you. You will be working with highly trained staff that use only best of machinery and chemical free products. Contact us today if you want us to take care of your pressure-cleaning needs on the Sunshine Coast.  We will make your property or business look and feel brand new!